Stop those eyebrow smudges

snapchat-5480077098596134773No more worrying about having your eyebrow makeup smudge off through the day. There’s no need to suffer from the embarrassment of unevenly shaded eyebrows just because your makeup just happens to smudge off. Permanent makeup is the solution to keeping your eyebrows flawless!


Keep it Natural

Eyebrows can be filled in as a powdered-in look, and eyebrows can be filled in as a natural look with each drawn-in hair stroke. Some people may barely have any natural eyebrow hair strand, and want it to appear as though they naturally have more. Some people prefer to have more of a natural appearance in their eyebrows rather than a powdered-in makeup look.


The Process of EliminInk!

Ten to Twenty minutes prior to the treatment, MicroNum topical anesthetic will be applied on the area of the tattoo or permanent makeup that is to be removed, so the skin will be numbed.

EliminInk Solution is applied the same way that permanent makeup and body tattoos are applied. With a pointillism technique, the EliminInk Solution gets implanted into the tissue and binds with the permanent makeup pigments or tattoo inks in the dermis. This creates a molecule that is too big to the body to reabsorb, so the body exfoliates it.
img_20150412_191842798-5Some dark green color may be observed as indication of the oxidation process that is expected.

The amount of time it takes to do this procedure is 30-45 minutes. It takes no longer than 60 minutes. The maximum area that is covered per session is 2″X 2″.

After the treatment, a non-stick bandage is loosely applied to the treated area, but it is to be removed when getting home, so the area can dry completely to form a scab over the treated area. The area must be kept as dry as possible until the scab naturally falls off, and it is very important to not scratch the area to avoid scarring. It typically takes about 7-20 days for the scab to fall off. A&D Ointment may be applied Only Around the treated area if it feels tight and itchy. After the scab falls off, DermRenu should be applied to the treated area 2-3 times a day for 2-3 weeks to diminish redness, minimize scarring, and assist in the skin’s natural healing process.img_20150412_180511151_hdr-5

Tattoo Removal Methods

The tattoo removal method that Alexis Chanthinith of Vibrant Vibez uses is Eliminink Tattoo Removal. The Eliminink Solution gets implanted into the skin tissue to bind with 155-5the ink in the dermis and create a large molecule that is too great to be reabsorbed that the body exfoliates it away and draws the ink higher into the upper layer of the dermis. The Eliminink Tattoo Removal treatment is less painful and is faster than other tattoo removal methods.

There are many known methods of tattoo removal. A couple of methods include the Q-Switched Laser and Surgery.

Surgery is strictly physician performed and is often the last result/option that most people would have. There is no excision of the skin required when using EliminInk.

The Q-Switched Laser uses an intense pulsed beam of light at a specific wavelength. The topical application is applied to the skin and is absorbed by colored pigments in the skin. Parts are exfoliated and parts are reabsorbed, but the laser isn’t effective on every color. Laser often effectively works with removing black, blue, and purple colors, but red, green, yellow, and orange colors are harder to remove. Laser treatments tend to be expensive and painful, and they have risks of hypo-pigmentation and scarring. Eliminink is a non-laser technique that offers comparable results to that of the laser without the expense of several laser treatments, the risks of hypo-pigmentation, and the risks of scarring. Eliminink is also non-color dependent, so it can remove the colors of green, red, yellow, and orange ink more effectively than the laser does. The Eliminink Tattoo Removal treatment is less painful and faster than

Other varieties of commercial, chemical-based tattoo removal products on the market that have their own particular disadvantages when compared to Eliminink include:

  • Wrecking Balm – Topical solution designed to Fade existing tattoo
  • Fade – An implanted treatment that bleaches out the skin(producing hypo-pigmentation) but tends to produce scars
  • Saline – Implanted Salt that lifts pigment but tends to produce hypo-opigmentation and scars, yet it is very reasonable to purchase
  • Tat Be Gone – Implanted solution with a strong chemical that has a tendency to scar
  • Lightning – A product that tends to produce hypo pigmentation and scars
  • Tattoo Vanish – A mildly implanted citric acid based product
  • Rejuvi – An implanted product that also tends to produce hypo-pigmentation and scars

Eyebrows make an age difference!

Permanent Makeup is a great way to make in difference in your appearance! The way that you have your eyebrows done can affect how you look. Its shape and shade can make a huge difference. For many people, having just the right eyebrows can create a younger appearance for them. The perfect eyebrows can take years off of your face.


REASONS to remove your tattoo

The EliminInk Tattoo Removal Solution is designed to lighten and remove permanent makeup and body art tattoos using a tattoo over process that is similar to the technique originally used to apply the body tattoo or permanent make up into the dermis.

Why you might want to remove your tattoo:

  • The tattoo contains an unwanted name
  • Career moves may be dictating the need to present a relatively tattoo-free appearance to an employer
  • Remove a gang related attoo
  • Remove tattoo markings from cancer radiation treatments
  • Reverse a past, impulsive tattoo
  • Tattoo may now seem a little embarrassing

Always Wearing Eyebrow Makeup

If you’re someone who’s always taking up so much time to completely draw in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil/powder/gel, you should have permanent makeup done to your eyebrows, especially if you don’t have too much natural eyebrow hair strands. This can save so much off of your daily make up routine. If you’re used to entirely filling in both eyebrows without any hair strokes, you can have the full powdered-in makeup eyebrow style.