Paramedical Micropigmentation

Paramedical Micro-pigmentation includes procedures such as Areola Repigmentation/ Nipple Tattooing and Vitiligo/ Scar Camouflage. This is meant to give people a great sense of wholeness and a major boost in confidence.

Areola Repigmentation is a procedure that is typically done on people who have gone through breast surgeries, mastectomies, or have faded or irregular areolas. The purpose of Nipple Tattooing is to amazingly restore the areola to a more natural appearance by matching the pigment’s shape, size, and color to a person’s nipple to create a subtle effect that is mimicked to a realistic appearance. This helps a lot of women regain confident in their femininity and helps many men regain confidence in the appearance of their pecs/chest.

Burns, surgeries, and many other injuries can terribly cause scars. However, scars can be easily camouflaged with a paramedical cosmetic tattooing method. This procedure breaks up the scar tissue and colors it to match the natural skin tone. Blotches in the skin that suffered through loss of the natural skin pigment as an effect of vitiligo can also be camouflaged. Miraculous results of paramedical micro-pigmentation will build confidence in appearance.