Eyeliner helps define the eye’s natural beauty.

Eyeliner can be done in any way that you please. It can look thin and subtle or thick and dramatic! Some people like to add on a wing. There’s also an option to have a white top liner that makes the black top liner pop out nicely. Eyeliner can be drawn on the top and bottom or just on the top of the eyes. Having eyeliner on can make your eyes beautifully stand out with a nice pop!

Thanks to permanent makeup, you won’t have to buy a bunch of eyeliners anymore, and you can save yourself the time of having to constantly apply the eyeliner to keep it on point. There also won’t be any worries of having the eyeliner smear off due to walking through the rain/snow, and it’ll still be on flawlessly when going swimming in the water.


Water Resistant!
Faded Permanent Make Up Can Be Restored
Save Time, Wake Up Flawless!