Eyebrows are said to be the frame of the face, so the right shape and color eyebrows can greatly improve a person’s appearance. You can truly feel great when you know you look great!

185There are different styles to personalize the eyebrows and make them unique to each individual. Eyebrows can be arched at the best angle to a match a person’s face shape. Pigment colors range in tones of warm, cool, and neutral browns. People with light or blonde hair most often prefer shades on the lighter end of the scale. People with brown to very dark brown hair look great with a medium brown to a very much darker brown pigments. Eyebrows can be lightly filled in or nicely dark. They can be thin and slim or bold and thick! There’s the completely filled in powdered look, and there’s the option for a natural look with drawn in hair strokes. Some people like a combination of both drawn-in hair strokes with a powdered-in look for the eyebrows. The pigment and tools used will depend on how you want your eyebrows personalized! For a powdered-in style, permanent make up can be applied on your eyebrows with a rotary machine. For a more natural look, your eyebrows can be done with the microblade. With the rotary machine, your permanent make up can last up to 3-5 years before completely fading away, and yearly touch up is recommended. With the microblade, your permanent make up can last up to 1-3 years before completely fading away, and a touch up is recommended in 3-6 months.128-5

Permanent makeup allows anyone to achieve having fuller eyebrows and higher confidence. Also, there’s the benefit of not having to use a pencil to fill in those eyebrows ever again. Forget about buying new eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powders, and don’t worry about taking up time to draw in those eyebrows all the time.




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