Tattoo Removal Methods

The tattoo removal method that Alexis Chanthinith of Vibrant Vibez uses is Eliminink Tattoo Removal. The Eliminink Solution gets implanted into the skin tissue to bind with 155-5the ink in the dermis and create a large molecule that is too great to be reabsorbed that the body exfoliates it away and draws the ink higher into the upper layer of the dermis. The Eliminink Tattoo Removal treatment is less painful and is faster than other tattoo removal methods.

There are many known methods of tattoo removal. A couple of methods include the Q-Switched Laser and Surgery.

Surgery is strictly physician performed and is often the last result/option that most people would have. There is no excision of the skin required when using EliminInk.

The Q-Switched Laser uses an intense pulsed beam of light at a specific wavelength. The topical application is applied to the skin and is absorbed by colored pigments in the skin. Parts are exfoliated and parts are reabsorbed, but the laser isn’t effective on every color. Laser often effectively works with removing black, blue, and purple colors, but red, green, yellow, and orange colors are harder to remove. Laser treatments tend to be expensive and painful, and they have risks of hypo-pigmentation and scarring. Eliminink is a non-laser technique that offers comparable results to that of the laser without the expense of several laser treatments, the risks of hypo-pigmentation, and the risks of scarring. Eliminink is also non-color dependent, so it can remove the colors of green, red, yellow, and orange ink more effectively than the laser does. The Eliminink Tattoo Removal treatment is less painful and faster than

Other varieties of commercial, chemical-based tattoo removal products on the market that have their own particular disadvantages when compared to Eliminink include:

  • Wrecking Balm – Topical solution designed to Fade existing tattoo
  • Fade – An implanted treatment that bleaches out the skin(producing hypo-pigmentation) but tends to produce scars
  • Saline – Implanted Salt that lifts pigment but tends to produce hypo-opigmentation and scars, yet it is very reasonable to purchase
  • Tat Be Gone – Implanted solution with a strong chemical that has a tendency to scar
  • Lightning – A product that tends to produce hypo pigmentation and scars
  • Tattoo Vanish – A mildly implanted citric acid based product
  • Rejuvi – An implanted product that also tends to produce hypo-pigmentation and scars

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